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Put a Hit on a Tick! The Tick checklist

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How to Remove A Tick! Watching the Amazon series “The Tick” is just awesome fun. What’s not fun is actually having ticks in your life. While the little buggers are not only annoying, but their bites can swell up, itch like crazy, and worse give you some pretty nasty illnesses. Experts still debate over the… Continue reading →

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Are cockroaches the ultimate bug?

Cockroach Removal

Professional Cockroach Control in Sunshine Coast The old saying goes that if there is a nuclear war, there will only be two creatures left on the planet. One is a cockroach, and the other is Keith Richards. While we also think the legendary Rolling Stones guitar player just might be an immortal, we don’t know… Continue reading →

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Bird B Gone – we are authorized installers!

Birds Control

Bird Removal & Control in Sunshine Coast We’ve all heard the old superstition about if a bird poops on you it’s good luck. Those people have never had to clean bird poop from their businesses or homes regularly. They must have their heads in the sky. The reality is that while birds are beautiful creatures… Continue reading →