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While Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has continued to impact many countries around the world, Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialists take all necessary actions in response to this pandemic. We are monitoring the situation daily and taking any actions or responses required by the Australian Government Department of Health. Before booking, we are asking… Continue reading →

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7 Common Misconceptions About Termite Management


Never underestimate the termite: it is still on earth and thriving after more than 250 million years! Bear in mind the following misconceptions about termite management and always consult the professionals when it comes to securing your home against these destructive and dangerous insects. Learn from our Sunshine Coast Termite Management Experts! Does one termite… Continue reading →


What are termite barrier systems?


Termite Barrier Systems Sunshine Coast Termites are always bad news for your home. It also turns out that termite’s love living on the Sunshine Coast as much as the rest of us. So, if you are fortunate enough to call the Sunshine Coast home, you should be aware of your termite and pest control options…. Continue reading →

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What to do if you have active termites?


Termite Treatment Sunshine Coast Having termites is every homeowner’s nightmare. The tiny insects are capable of causing serious damage to your property that can cost you a fortune. Did you know that It’s estimated that as many as 1 in 3 properties in Australia are affected in some way by termites? Termites also are responsible… Continue reading →

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Termite management systems explained


Termite Management Systems Sunshine Coast We all know what a termite inspection entails and why it is important to have one. If you own a home or a business on the Sunshine Coast, no doubt you will have heard horror stories about termite damage and been warned of the risk of infestation. Turns out termite’s… Continue reading →

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Benefits of pre-purchased termite inspections


Pre-Purchased Termite Inspections Sunshine Coast If you are looking to buy a home or a business, a pre-purchase termite inspection is always a great idea. In fact, pre-purchase termite inspections are the most common time people choose to have their property inspected. But why? Well, no one wants to invest money into a property that… Continue reading →

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What to do when your neighbour has termites


Termite inspections Sunshine Coast So you find out your neighbour has termites, perhaps you have seen them receiving treatment. Is this a cause for concern and should you then book a termite inspection? The simple answer is yes. Termites active within your area should be a neighbourhood wide concern. This is because termites can travel… Continue reading →

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Signs You Might Have Termites in Your Home


Termite Management Sunshine Coast Termites can be hard to detect and can often be living within a property, causing damage undetected for some time before their presence is known. There are however signs that are dead giveaways that there are termites taking up residence in your home. Mud or Dirt Trails Termites leave trails of… Continue reading →