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Pests that just love the summer heat

Ants, Cockroach Removal

Pest Control in Sunshine Coast Well, first and foremost there’s the famous and terrifying redback spider, named after the long red stripe on the mature female’s back. They are not only highly poisonous, but cannibals too — the female eats the male while they mate — slowly. Since they like living near human beings, they… Continue reading →

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Pests that you might not have seen before

Spiders Treatment

Pest Management Sunshine Coast Well, of course the pests that you are familiar with will depend on where you come from, but presumably the Sunshine Coast’s scary and unusual spiders are at the top of your list of unknown pests! They are certainly very challenging. In fact, last year there was a huge spider at… Continue reading →

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Cockroach horror stories

Cockroach Removal

Cockroach Pest Control Sunshine Coast Everyone on the Sunshine Coast has their terrifying cockroach stories — the Internet is full of cockroach stories from every warm country in the world. And, as you might imagine, because of the line of work we are in, Little Critters gets to hear most of those stories, or variations… Continue reading →

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Scariest places rodents have shown up

Mice / Rats

Rodents Control Sunshine Coast Finding evidence of a rodent problem in your home isn’t the best feeling in the world. Still, it could be better than seeing the offending critter itself. What would you say if we said that it could be worse? Now before you get the matches to try to cleanse your house… Continue reading →