What is the best treatment for termites?

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Best Termite Treatment Sunshine Coast

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The first essential is a termite inspection to make sure that there are no active termites in your home. If there are any active termites, they need to be treated straight away. Although termite management systems prevent termites, they do not treat active termites which have already invaded a property. A physical termite barrier is a very effective form of termite management system, which has to be installed during the construction of the building. The barrier separates the building from the ground to prevent termites from entering and causing damage to the property.

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A chemical termite barrier is another type of termite management system. The chemical termite barrier is applied to the soil surrounding a building and to the soil under the concrete flooring. Chemical barriers are both effective in deterring termites and exterminating both individual termites and the whole colony. Chemical termite barriers can be implemented before or after the building is constructed.


Termite Treatment Sunshine Coast – We Treat Active Termites

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If you live anywhere between Caloundra and Noosa, or in the hinterland, get in touch with Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialists for a regular termite inspection. Little Critters offer the best pest control methods to effectively exterminate termites in your home or office by providing both domestic and commercial termite inspections, termite management systems and essential pre-purchase inspections.

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Little Critters approach termite infestations by using a science-based approach to pinpoint the problems, and the solutions we come up with are designed specifically for your particular circumstances. Our skilled team of professional pest control expert technicians will be able to assess, implement, plan and monitor your whole area’s pest populations before coming up with a firm, workable plan to eliminate them.

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Every year termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage, and property owners have to spend billions of dollars to treat against them. You always need to be very much on the alert to protect your home. Call Little Critters Pest Control & Termite Management Specialists, the Sunshine Coast’s trusted expert pest controllers today for a free quote.