Critters that could be moving from your house…to your car

Bed Bug Control in Sunshine Coast QLD - How Bed Pests Move to Your Car

Bed Bug Control in Sunshine Coast

When you hear the name “bed bugs” what is the first thing that you think of? If you said, “Oh my goodness! Get them off me!” you are 100 percent correct. However, you might also think that they are just for the bed. That would be 100 percent wrong.

Bed bugs and other nasty creepy crawlies could be in your car right now! It’s almost like the plot of a horror film. No matter where you go, there they are, and they are after your blood! Well, a little of it anyway.

These formally just the bed pests are not the only little critter that you could find in your moving palace. How many times have you been driving only to see that mosquito fly in front of your face? That little sucker is so annoying that you almost cause a ten-car pileup on the highway!

What about that time you left a bag of lollies in your centre console only to come back and finding ants helping themselves to your sugary treats?! What have you done to deserve this? Nothing…on purpose. It’s not like you are putting a “vacancy” sign in the insect newspaper. However, there are a few things that you can do to bring this to a screeching halt.

Watch where you park

Parking in most places is at a premium, so it’s hard to be picky. However, if you are parking next to an ant-infested tree, mossie-birthing stagnant water, or spider webbed bush, you are only asking for these creepy hitchhikers to jump on for the ride.

We know what you do in the car

We all know how easy it is to eat in the car, but crumbs and dropped bits are only going to bring the critters crawling in. Treat your car like you were borrowing your loved one’s favourite car. Clean it, keep the mats crumb-free, and the car seat covers pristine, and you will keep the bugs away.

If they are already there give us a call at Little Critters Pest Control and we can provide those freeloaders with a gas stop that they won’t ever recover from. We serve the greater Sunshine Coast area with superb pest control.