Anti-termite treatment to save your time and money

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Many Australian home insurances do not cover termite damage on your property, which means that treating for termites before construction usually saves you a lot of money


Termite Treatment & Management in Sunshine Coast

About one in three homes in Australia is affected by termites and they cause terrible damage to your property, which can end up costing you thousands of dollars and months of renovation. Every building you purchase must have a pre-purchase inspection and during this inspection the technician can provide you with advice on the need for a termite management system. This is absolutely vital.

Carrying out termite control and inspections is a big responsibility and that’s what Little Critters Pest Control and Termite Management are certified to do

Structural damage caused by termites is a severe problem, but Little Critters Pest Control and Termite Management are certified to carry out termite inspections, treatment and preventative measures. Just think about being protected from all the unnecessary problems that could and should have been avoided from the very beginning.


Termite Inspection & Treatment Solutions in Sunshine Coast

Early warning signs of a termite problem can be detected with a baiting system from Little Critters Pest Control and Termite Management

Little Critters will provide you with the best service in termite management and pest control, helping you detect the earliest warning signs of a termite infestation with a baiting system. This allows them to assess the severity of the problem – if there is a problem in the first place – and begin creating a termite barrier system around areas that are affected. Many homeowners like to have their termite barrier areas maintained to avoid any termites slipping through and burrowing their way in. It is important to couple your termite management system with annual termite inspections to ensure the system is doing its job.

Call Little Critters Pest Control today, stop worrying about termite management and don’t waste any of your precious time. Little Critters Pest Control and Termite Management can offer you the best solutions to take care of your lovely home on the Sunshine Coast.