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warning signs of termite infestation - how do you know if you have termites - termite treatment sunshine coast

Signs you may have termites


Warning Signs of Termite Infestation – How to Check? Do you know what termites sound like? Have you ever thought you were hearing little clicking sounds coming from your walls? Those are soldier termites shaking themselves and banging their heads, signalling danger to all the other termites. Then you hear the munching, crunching noises made… Continue reading →

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How to choose the best pest control company

Pest Control

This is the sublime, sensational Sunshine Coast – the closest place to heaven on earth – however to keep it that way you not only need an excellent plumber, electrician and hairdresser, but a reliable pest control company too. Because sooner or later you will have some issues and need an inspection, whether it’s ants… Continue reading →