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Pest control treatment: is it safe for my family?

Pest Control

Pest Control Treatment Sunshine Coast Even though it is easier to prevent pests than to control them, treatments are essential on the Sunshine Coast unless you want to share your lovely home with ants, spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, beetles, moths, mites, termites or various unpleasant rodents. How much do you value your peace of mind? You… Continue reading →

sunshine coast pest treatment - ants termites cockroaches mice control and management

What happens after a pest control treatment?

Pest Control

Sunshine Coast Pest Treatment Here’s what you need to do after a pest control treatment in Sunshine Coast. Rely on Little Critters Pest Control for effective pest removal: 1300 366 656 Wait until the surfaces are dry before touching, and carry on about your day! You may see dead and alive pests for up to… Continue reading →